Making your day

Our aim is to source and sell quality products that
are useful and helpful in everyday living.

iTiMES – Educational Products – we have designed the iTiMES tables cards to help children have “instant recall” of the times tables 1-12.  A set of 12 sturdy laminated cards, held together with a steel ring and clip so the kids can  clip them to a bag or their button holes.

Future proof your child’s learning ability by helping them memorise the times tables. Students who have memorised the times tables gain a foundation in mathematics that will help them through intermediate school, secondary school and further

Also now available iCOLOUR – a set of cards with colours with the Māori and English words – these are great for pre-school and new entrants.  Visual and fun these are also held together by a clip.

We source and supply quality products for people who have arthritis, weak hands and wrists, but also anything that makes daily living easier and enjoyable.

We stock Easi-Grip® products from  a family based UK company.    All these products are designed specifically for people living with arthritis and other disabilities that make it difficult to use conventional kitchen, garden and personal care products.  However they are good for anyone, from children with small hands to the very elderly.

The Easi-Grip® design makes the tools safe and comfortable to use for people with arthritis, carpel tunnel, duputrens disease, small hands, weak wrists and grips and tendonitis.

The Easi-Grip® design takes all the pressure off the trigger fingers that strain the tendons and encourages the use of the strong part of your hands, the outside edge of your palm.®

Making your day

Our aim is to source and sell quality products that
are useful and helpful in everyday living.

Set – the Game

Get your kids away from a screen and play this great game. This is a must have game of visual logic for all ages, and can be played by yourself or  with family and friends.

Set has won over 25 Best Game Awards

We stock the Butter Bell Crock, this is a wonderful addition to any Kiwi kitchen, it keeps butter fresh and spreadable without refridgeration and makes a wonderful gift for someone.

We continue to trial and add new products to the Website® that will “Make your Day”

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