® Making your day®® – the iTiMES Tables, these were developed when I realised that so many children today leave New Zealand primary schools without having “instant recall” of their times tables.  iTiMES, a simple set of cards, originally put together by my sister, years ago, for our kids and hers, I had always thought them to be a great idea, so when I realised how many children today do not know their “times tables” I found an amazing printing company Brebner Print in Napier to print them, added a clip,  a feature that the kids seem to love,  and the iTiMES came to be.

Future proof your child’s learning ability by helping them memorise the times tables. Students who have memorised the times tables gain a foundation in mathematics that will help them through intermediate school, secondary school and further.


Now available iCOLOUR– this is a set of  brightly cololured cards with the Māori/English word description on one side and just the colours on the reverse side so children can learn and test themselves.

We have gifted many sets of these to Primary Schools with limited resources throughout New Zealand, profits from the sale of these go towards being able to do this.

We are continuing with other ideas to add to the range.

We also source and sell quality products that are useful and helpful in everyday living, particularly for people who have arthritis or weak hands and wrists. 

A few years ago I came across a product called the Jar Key®.  Every home should have a Jar Key® as it enables you to “pop” the lid of those stubborn jars.  I have small hands so find it impossible to get a “grip” on a wide jars so the Jar Key ®solves the problem. 

I realised that there are so many  people living with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, dupuytrens disease, tennis elbow or people with weak grips, wrists and small hands, who just make do. They become increasingly frustrated by not being able to do the things they want to and used to be able to do.

From there I found a company in the UK  a second generation family business that was established in 1976. Its founder,  was an innovator and entrepreneur who, having designed the first Easi-Grip® scissors, contacted Occupational Therapists to understand the variety of special needs of children and adults with physical disabilities. Today they design and manufacture the Easi-Grip® range of kitchen knives, scissors and gardening tools specifically for those living with arthritis and other grip problems. The company remains committed to universal design principles that benefit everyone, irrespective of age or ability and that is why we stock their products in New Zealand.®

Making your day

Our aim is to source and sell quality products that
are useful and helpful in everyday living.

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